Kateryna Samoilenko - Stainless Steel Market Reporter, Editor

Kateryna Samoilenko joined the SMR team as a Stainless Steel Market Reporter and Editor in September 2022. Her experience in steel market research accounts for over ten years. Before SMR, she worked as Steel News Editor for Metal Expert, an independent steel data and market intelligence provider. Her skills and qualifications advanced from price reporting to managing editorial teams and issuing new periodicals and services.

She was born and grew up in Ukraine, but since 2022 Italy has become her permanent home. Kateryna graduated from the National University of her hometown, Dnipro. She holds a Master's Degree in International Economics.

In addition to her native languages, Ukrainian and Russian, she has professional fluency in English and is actively progressing in Italian.

Kateryna enjoys travelling the world, gathering with family and friends, and spending time with kids and animals. She is passionate about nature, sports and social Latin dance. Continuous studying and obtaining new skills is an inevitable part of her life.



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