• head2Nickel, Chrome, Molybdenum, Scrap

Raw Material Database

Making use of our extensive market knowledge and contact network in the stainless steel, Nickel alloy and specialty steel industry, SMR’s unique raw material database was set up to be the cornerstone for raw material suppliers who are interested in the global supply and demand of:

  • Nickel
  • Chromium
  • Stainless Steel Scrap
  • Molybdenum

On a per country basis it shows:

  • Demand by product form - for instance in the case of Nickel: FeNi, Class I Nickel, NPI, Others (NOS) and stainless steel scrap for the current year

  • An enduse based forecast that takes the following factors into account:
    - Global crude steel production on a per country basis
    - Grade mix (300, 200, Duplex, Others, 400 series)
    - Changes in raw material supply (i.e. NPI production trends…)
    - The role of future scrap availability