• head2Grade 430, Cold Rolled & Bright Annealed
  • head2Vessels, Piping, Heat Exchangers, etc.
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End-Use Segments

Stainless & special steels provide endless opportunities. Some of their typical applications are mentioned below .

  • Chemical / Petrochemical
    Pressure vessels, heat exchangers, crackling furnaces, tanks, chemical tankers, process pipes, etc.

  • Oil & Gas
    Oil exploration (OCTG, umbilicals), sub-sea systems, offshore platforms, LNG tankers, etc.

  • Power Generation
    Boilers, flue-gas desulphurization  (FGD), condenser and feedwater tubing, turbines, etc.

  • Aerospace
    Turbine blades for jet engines, landing gears, structural parts, etc.

  • Automotive
    Exhaust systems, engine valves, fuel injection components,  structural parts, catalytic converters, automotive trim, etc.

  • Building & Construction, Architecture, Furniture
    Elevators, escalators, roofing systems, facades, bridges, ornamental Tubes (e.g. handrails), light poles, furniture, sewage systems, potable water pipes, etc.

  • Home Appliances / Utensils
    Washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, sinks, cutlery, kitchen utensils, etc.

  • Food Processing
    Catering equipment, commercial kitchens, tanks, brewery equipment, beer kegs, etc.